View Full Version : odds and ends

John ED Renstrom
04-15-2017, 09:44 PM
digging things out looking for were I put stuff that I can't remember. hoping that I have one good splash apron off that 66 we put the new set on. and i can't find the car cover for the 72. really how do you miss place a car cover for a hearse. I has it covered with the one off the 53 as the 53 was inside. i just figured it was in the trunk of one of the other cars. that's normally were we put that link of stuff. it's a rather large thing to loose. then also we need some gold material or rose or heather what ever they called the material in the 67. I got to do the top of the back door. I know I kept the top off the 86 as there was a lot of good between the hail . can't find that either so it pull everything out of the shed and clean up. I keep eh old splash aprons off the 66 the 69 and the 85 we change out layer then on the floor and covered them with the best trim pads off the doors. hoping that if we just need a small patch of material we would have some of the stuff no longer made. then it makes a nice cushion in case you drop something. found the one good splash apron to replace the one we have missing the center off. so that's good. found the top. still wondering about the colon miss match. but no big car cover. still scratching my head over that one. and found these sit of re-plating disasters. the headlight doors fro the 58 were returned with the nicest plating on then but I must have worked a week trying to fit them on the damaged fenders . then the other one would not go on the good fender. so I bought a broken one home and I fit perfectly. they had gotten the diciest so hot on the tank that the tops were flat you could not shrink up that rounded fender enough to fit them in the hole. so now I have three that are bad and no 58 to to go with them. to good to toss to bad to keep kind of stuff.