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Walter Suiter
04-11-2017, 12:11 AM
One of my "known associates" has wangled me into helping him clear some space.

Now, I read Rule 1, and I'm well aware they ain't making this equipment any more. We're talking Motorola, Motrac and Twin V vintage microphones, control heads and speakers along with some mounting gimbals. We are also talking 1 complete Harley mounted on the rear fender VHF radio minus the antenna rod and what looks like most of another Harley radio mount. Also some cables that might be Motrac, 2 complete IMTS Motorola phones, one is 100 watts, and 3 ComCo radios (heavy as a fat woman)

Then there are sirens. Unitrol 800 sirens, mostly without microphones, 1 0r 2 new microphones, and a couple Federal sirens. Speakers appear rare in this shopping center.

There is also 1 RCA Supercarphone, not sure how complete, and at least 2 paging encoders.

There is also a Repeater on 460mhz and a box of tubes for Twin V I think.

Being natural born lazy, I didn't take many pictures, but if you're interested I can get pictures.

Chances of this equipment turning up on ePay are slim because neither of us likes ePay.

Anybody interested in anything, let me know.

Russell Street
04-11-2017, 11:42 AM
I would suggest becoming a Site-Supporter which will get you access to some other areas of the site you don't currently have.....such as the sales/trade areas. The stuff you list is of great interest to members here. You shouldn't have any problem at all moving it, most likely at a very fair price.