View Full Version : 1956 Cadillac S/S Ambulance

Darren Bedford
04-07-2017, 12:53 AM
http://www.ebay.com/itm/1956-Cadillac-Ambulance-/172611041939?hash=item28306b7a93:g:XWkAAOSw3utY5BY y

Same guy selling the 1955 Pontiac...
http://www.ebay.com/itm/1955-Other-Makes-/172610985780?hash=item28306a9f34:g:vsAAAOSwhQhY5A0 i

Kurt Arends
04-07-2017, 10:00 AM
Definitely a very deserving restoration project. I would beg to differ with his "not much rust" statement! Rockers are shot and the fenders and quarters have serious rust issues. Lower doors are starting to rust through as well. We all know what the floor will look like in the driver's compartment. "Only needs finishing"??? He's only just begun!

Kurt Arends
04-07-2017, 10:59 AM
The seller would have been more successful with this auction if he had done nothing to it other than clean it up.

John ED Renstrom
04-07-2017, 11:58 AM
The key is it doesn't appear that he has hurt it any. Nothing crazy like putting a little filler in the rust and hiding it. It was simply a clean up that gets the car in one color and helped you find things. One would know do this on a car they were not going to start on soon. But I agree money would be better spent fixing something.

But now at least oven the un educated in auto body can easily see the problems.

Kurt Arends
04-07-2017, 12:39 PM
Apparently interior photos are not important in selling one of these.

John ED Renstrom
04-07-2017, 10:11 PM
Not if it doesn't have one

Brendan Martin
04-08-2017, 01:58 AM
Ahh the Lifeline Collection. Nice cars to say the least.