View Full Version : striker bushing out

John ED Renstrom
04-01-2017, 11:29 PM
i can't but the Aveco replacement striker buhings any more so we need to get inventive.

know these are arable new from Doorman but they use a hex key to tighten not the #50 tork bit. then they really just don't look the same and at around 10-15 bucks each make changing all 5 a little cost prohibitive.

one can take them off the car and using a #12 copper wire. wind it around the stem were the bushing would be. then flow some solder around the strands to keep them together. nexr grind the excess solder off this you see the tops of te strands. I use a 1/2 drill put the striker in the chuck and hold a file to it as the drill runs. that will give you a smooth finish. then put it back on and adjust he door.

if you have a 60s car with the steel ring aroud the rubber. when it gets beat out snip the ring off and clean the stem. then use a #10 copper with and do it the same way.

teh nice part of this is that you will never chew up a bushing again.