View Full Version : need help about a 67 M&M vent window regulator

Greg Yoder
01-17-2017, 12:34 PM
My front drivers side vent window regulator needs replaced, i bought one on e bay, it is not the same, the gm part number is 3824303 if any one can help me on this,, please get ahold of me,

Greg 765-490-3278

John ED Renstrom
01-17-2017, 08:42 PM
What is wrong with yours? As long as you have the parts they are repairable. If you can't do it your self send it out and I can .

Greg Yoder
01-18-2017, 03:31 PM
paul called me and told me how to repair it,, so im going to give that a shot,, thanks

John ED Renstrom
01-18-2017, 09:16 PM
As long as you have the plate they are easy enough to repair. I have on on my 67 that the drilled and tapped to do it. But normally you can just pean the posts back over. Be sure to repack it before you do. Regular gun grease will do nicly