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John ED Renstrom
11-12-2016, 12:50 PM
we have gotten started on the 67 superior. I decided to work the 53 and the 67 together for a bit. the goal on the 67 is to get it in primer then the glass back in. due to superiors constructions practices you have to pretty much strip the interior before you can do anything else . else we will be able to salvage the upholstery on it but will need to remount it on new cardboard due to water damage. the fact that I do not like the method that superior used to construct there cars has nothing to do with liking the finished product. so fore those that want to fallow along the pictures will be on the drop shot site. for those of us that have one it is important that you under stand the common flaws in there construction if you want to keep the car. http://www.dropshots.com/jer57747 the pictures are here the album they are in is the 1967 superior crown.

here is a example of problem place you can encounter were water will get in get behind the upholstery and start the damage process. in one. the slanted c pillar much talked about radical departure from the norm. were most would have boxed it in superior left it open and used the heavy trim to cover the hole. to seal it they layered a heavy bead of the oil based clay type sealer you could get in gallon cans or ropes of different sizes. covering the hole an forming the edge for the glass opening there and the door opening in front. it worked will till the sealer dried out and water came in as it cracked. but with there cover up you have no idea it happens. here is a picture.