View Full Version : played with the 53 some

John ED Renstrom
10-21-2016, 10:11 PM
I just don;t understand it that battery I bought back in 04 of 2010 just won't start the car anymore. so while we are waiting for it to come in tomorrow we played around with the gurneys I have here and made up some hanger rods for it

Armbruster used Washington equipment unless ferno was requested. but I have been trying to find the proper hanger for the car. this one is like a #11and will fit the bill but one would have to turn the inside set of wheels and legs up to keep them from dangling in the face of the pt on the bottom. bet we need a #12

things are tight in the smaller car but once seated in the attendants seat you are in a good position to attend. the gurney I picked up from Kurt is the same height as the 54xl but a whole lot lighter so I will most likely use it.
sitting in it, your hat is on the headliner but other then that it's not bad.