View Full Version : 1978 Dodge Cannonball Run Ambulance CLONE

Keith Snyder
10-08-2016, 12:45 PM
This 1978 Dodge B200 Sportsman Cannonball Run tribute was last featured in an ad in March of this year, but following on the sad news of Brock Yates passing earlier this week, its relisting is simply too timely to ignore. Condition looks and sounds to be much as it was last time around, with power coming a 360 rather than the Dick Landy build 440 that powered Yates’ original, but it should sound great through a Flowmaster equipped exhaust, and the Transcon Medi-Vac livery is just about spot-on. Find it here on eBay in Chicago, Illinois for $11,500 OBO: http://www.ebay.com/itm/322284881889?rmvSB=true

Steve Lichtman
10-13-2016, 01:28 PM
At least in the movie, the van had an ambulance-type interior. That's the only think not "spot on" for this van.