View Full Version : superior filler neck

John ED Renstrom
10-06-2016, 12:53 AM
the filler neck on the superiors is all wise a problem.the upper mount is a weak link and the only support for it. they riveted the mount to the inside panel and it brakes out if the filler is struck. it hangs down so low that it the first thing to hit the curb backing up. then all the weight is on the rubber hose and it sides down. but I regress is you have one you know the problem. a easy fix is with a 1 3/4 muffler clam and a peace of plumbers tape. or swing by your you bend it muffler place and have them put a hanger on it. there is a convent brace up on the body at least with the 65-67 bodies. this is what it looks like completed.

this is the second one I have done this way. both worked out will.