View Full Version : Bier Pin / Plate

Channing Spencer
09-24-2016, 08:25 PM
Hello Friends,
I am looking for a bier pin set that will fit a '59 Eureka. I tried one that a friend had laying around, but the peg was too large for the plate. I am guessing that they made them smaller when my coach was made.

Thank you in advance for any help/info you may be able to offer me. Please PM me if you have one for sale.

Your Friend,


John ED Renstrom
09-25-2016, 12:25 AM
As I recall it there are two sizes 5/16 and 1/4. Take a set of drill bits out and the one that fits your hole is the one you need.

Kerry Bogard
10-08-2016, 11:16 PM
You might try DNR Industries/ Hearse Parts out of Canada. They can make whatever you need. I have bought 3-4 sets and never been disappointed. Kind Regards