View Full Version : Purple Strobes and LED's...

Kent Dorsey
05-19-2016, 02:32 PM
I tend to like the interior mounted purple lights for funeral work, over the years I have acquired a couple of different permanent mount and cigarette plug type temporary dash and visor lights. When I went to search for a purple Lumastrobe the other day, I wasn't surprised to see they didn't seem to exist anymore. But I was surprised that I couldn't seem to locate any Whelen FL 220 in purple for a visor light. I went on Ebay and found the purple Sound Off light and snatched one of those up.
I would be curious as to what any of you have or have found in purple, Strobes-R-Us seems to have some of the greatest selection of interior and exterior mounting purple lights. I have the 12" Quadburst mounted inside the lead car and the '08 hearse, I have a photo of the hearse with the quadburst on, but the photo doesn't do it justice...
Photo 1: Purple Lumastrobe (locals love to call it a "Buford dash light")
Photo 2: Whelen FL 220 Visor
Photo 3: Sound Off Purple Visor
Photo 4: 12" Quadburst from Strobes-R-Us