View Full Version : fix that leak

John ED Renstrom
03-22-2016, 01:51 AM
got a little time today so before it rains again lets get the leak in the 67 plugged. first of all you don't fix a leak don't fix a leak from the out side you fix it from the inside after you find the spot it is coming in. we have all see the car with the glass trim covered in silicone or the man that filled the gap between the body and the glass flush with sealer. only to glue the trim down and still have it leak.

start by finding the leak. you know about where it is so take the top inside molding off. then the outside. with this one I spent 20 minutes cutting out excess sealer. and clearing a channel for the water to run in first.

but when that is done get your favorite helper and with one person out side and one in. squirt some glass cleaner in the pinch wild where you think the leak s and blow air from inside the car agents the seal. you partner looks for the bubbles. you hit the spot and they can put there finger on it so you can mark it on the glass. normal spot is usall between the body and the sealer around a clip. that's were this one was.

to fix it depends on the shape of the pinchweld, the type of leak and how the glass was installed. but normally removing a small amount of sealer and filling the gap with a silicone will do it. working from the inside is a lot easier than outside and you're more apt to get a good repair. with this one we treated the rust from the outside and were able to work the old butel up enough to seal it.