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John ED Renstrom
03-01-2016, 09:58 PM
so tried a lot of our home remedies and no luck on this one we are going to try this one guaranteed to convert not cover up any and all combinations of stuff. it cost me ten bucks so you know I'm on this like mouse stuff in a combo. fairly simple till you get to the do not touch this, don't breath this ,give it 6 hr, lock all the doors and put the stop sign in the window. after 6 hr open all doors let car air out before entering to recover the cup. I'm not sure what will happen if I leave it for 8 hr. might get up in the morning a find puddle where it was. I'll take the chance. we put it in the spare box as that was were the big nest was.
I turned the key on to draw it into the fender well with the heater fan. gave it 5 then shut the key off it's in there

Kurt Arends
03-01-2016, 11:47 PM
Newspaper, cardboard, accoustic tiles, etc. will draw out moisture and some odors as well.................. It also all makes for good mouse nests!!

John ED Renstrom
03-02-2016, 10:29 AM
as does curtains and under seat padding headliners and under hood blankets. if that's not enough they will pack half a field in there. I have yet to find a ambulance or combo that doesn't have one in it.

but went out this morning and opened the doors. to let the remaining fumes out. a good sun shinny day will let us know if it worked. we won't get that today.

John ED Renstrom
03-03-2016, 11:01 PM
will the next day we opened it up and let it air out all day. you could sit in the car in the morning with out it burning your eyes. but today was the test. I closed it up yesterday evening and it was clear and sun shiny. left it closed up till this afternoon and sat in it the mouse order was cone a slight order of the chemicals was all we could smell.

on a different note we may have located some marble hospital grade linoleum to replace the rotten carpet in the back.

Darren Bedford
03-11-2016, 12:47 AM
Where did you buy it from Ed ?

Thanks for the test results,

John ED Renstrom
03-11-2016, 09:44 AM
I picked this one up at my locale auto parts store. i did not check but I would bet some one is selling it on Amazon.