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John ED Renstrom
02-21-2016, 01:35 PM
went up to Rapid for a trade convention put on by Sturdevant's part stores. they are a chain here in the central states. man they have some neat toys out there but at a cost way above the need for a once a year time guy like me. hit up the Trico guys about no wiper for 0lder cars. he said they have reproduction sets available from them now as direct replacements.

got to talk over some of the problems with the paint guys and look at all the knew guns 3-M has a steel body plastic cup and tip one that is fairly reasonable. the throw away parts are not all that expensive either.

but the stare for me was the new glue from k tool international it's a quick set glue for about all the stuff that just falls off a mew car. I was asking about bounding the corners on weather striping. he gave me a sample bottle of it. we cut up a scrap of Mikes weather striping and tried it out this morning. sets fast and sets hard. I'll try it on a stress crack or two on this 67 out here. but right now it looks good to me.

the other was the order remover. it a fogger type you pore the liquid into the tray of powder and let it cook in the closed car. it converts not cover ups the order. he says it works great on mouse leavings. we have some coming and I have the car to try it out on. retails for around 20 bucks a package. here are the products that we might be interested in.

Rich Koski
02-21-2016, 09:22 PM
I see the K tool material is made in Wixom, Michigan. Have driven by that location many times in the past. What are the LED lights in the photo?

John ED Renstrom
02-21-2016, 10:38 PM
there are a set put out by Phillips. the design is to allow the leds to shine back into the reflector then out to the world. so one doesn't get that blob of light in the center. this pair are 1156s.

I tried the glue out on the 67. it does work fast. holds strong. just to compare I picked up some Gorilla supper glue and compared it. it takes a little messing with while it dries. but will hold . a few pictures here http://www.dropshots.com/jer57747/date/2016-02-21