View Full Version : 1946 Cadillac S&S Ambulance

Channing Spencer
02-09-2016, 01:09 AM

Big project, fair price ($1300.00). I would love to see it finished.

"Up for your consideration is a very rare 1946 Caddy S&S ambulance. I acquired this for the Cadillac Flathead Motor and trans which powered warplanes and tanks during world war 2. The manual transmission was also very popular with hot rodders. The motor is missing the carburater and radiator, may be stuck and is in unknown condition.
The floors are rough as they were originally custom hardwood and some of the glass is gone. All 5 doors are mounted solidly and open and close well, although they all have some rust in them. I have the two rear windows in good condition, and the four doors have glass rolled down in unknown condition. I'd consider selling this as is with a bill of sale for $1300. $1000 without the motor and trans, or i'll sell individual body panels for $100 each or $200 for each door or the hood. $200 for each bumper or $350 for the pair of I decide to part it out. The hood has a dent with a crease that could be fixed.
Consider this beauty to park on your front lawn to "Spook Out" the neighborhood for Halloween!!! Or build a killer Rat Rod Hearse!"

Steve Loftin
02-09-2016, 09:13 PM
A Rockford remnant that will likely not be raised from death.