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Ricky Jones
01-23-2016, 06:13 PM

Need a pinoin seal for my 62 Eureka. Does anyone know what rear end Cadillac used?
A 62 1 ton GMC ten bolt?
THanks Ricky

Paul Steinberg
01-24-2016, 03:26 PM
The differantial in you Commercial Chassis Cadillac is a Cadillac part, and the pinion seal. It is a double lip seal 147 9396 or a 147 3737 for a single lip seal (Group 5.469). From the parts book, it appears that it is the same seal from 1957 through 1968 from the description in the parts book. The book does say that you can find the part number on the seal itself, and the provision there, is if it hasn't ever been changed. The book doesn't differantialte between the standard production car and the commercial chassis.
I checked Rock Auto for the part, and they show no seal available for your car, however, they do show a seal for the 1968 / 1969 commercial chassis cars, as part number FAG 4132954100. This part is presently out of stock at Rock Auto.
I then checked the part number through Google, and found this buyers guide that shows the part number fitting the following cars. With this information, you should be able to locate one on the island or the mainland.

Disclaimer: The poster makes no guarantees as to the accuracy of the above and below information, since there is no way to independantly verify the accuracy of the Cadillac Parts Manual, or the information provided on other websites. Please do your own research to verify the accuracy of the information provided, and bear in mind, that the information provided is worth exactly what you have paid for said information... :D

Buyers Guide FAG 413 2954 100


Calais: 1965 - 1969
Commercial Chassis: 1957 - 1969
DeVille: 1957 - 1969
Fleetwood: 1965 - 1969

F Series: 1952
Checking Rock Auto online catalog, I found that the 1952 F series trucks use a NATIONAL 5778 seal, however, when I check the use application for this seal, I don't find Cadillac listed as one of the uses. This seal from Rock Auto, costs under $10, plus shipping, and it might be worthwhile to purchase one on the outside chance that it will work. The other thing that you could do is to see if you can find the size specifications for each seal, and compare them. It might be only a slight differance in the construction that changes the part number, however, they might be interchangable. The application list for this seal is extensive, and covers a multitude of yeas and brands of automobiles.

AC(1966 - 1973)
ALLSTATE(1952 - 1953)
AM GENERAL(1969 - 1974)
AMERICAN MOTORS(1958 - 1988)
ASTON MARTIN(1950 - 1969)
AVANTI(1965 - 1985)
CHECKER(1947 - 1982)
CHEVROLET(1958 - 1996)
DAIMLER(1965 - 1967)
DODGE(1957 - 2003)
EXCALIBUR(1965 - 1983)
FARGO(1959 - 1972)
FORD(1946 - 1998)
GMC(1956 - 1982)
HENRY J(1951 - 1954)
HONDA(1994 - 1997)
HUDSON(1950 - 1957)
INTERNATIONAL(1950 - 1980)
ISUZU(1993 - 1997)
AGUAR(1958 - 1969)
JEEP(1945 - 2001)
JENSEN(1967 - 1976)
KAISER-FRAZER(1947 - 1954)
LINCOLN(1949 - 1963)
MERCURY(1949 - 1956)
MORGAN(1959 - 1961)
PACKARD(1957 - 1958)
PLYMOUTH(1974 - 1981)
SHELBY(1962 - 1973)
STUDEBAKER(1946 - 1966)
SUNBEAM(1964 - 1967)
VOLVO(1959 - 1965)
WILLYS(1942 - 1955)
Please refer to catalog for application details

Ricky Jones
01-25-2016, 01:53 AM
Thank you Paul for all the information.

I always thought that the diff was a GMC truck
So it is a Cadillac diff. If I wanted to get one from a junk yard would it have to be a 1962 Commercial chassis Hearse or is it the same as Fleetwood or Sedan of other years?.

Same I mean except for gear ratio would be different I expect.



Paul Steinberg
01-25-2016, 12:34 PM
It has to be a commercial chassis diff, and the limo will not work, because the limo uses coil springs, and the commercial chassis uses leaf springs.