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Chris M. Kelley
12-05-2015, 01:10 PM
Just sharing because I'm bored... ha ha. Since I'm not mechanically inclined, and the only ambulance - a '72 CB - I ever had the opportunity to purchase wasn't mechanically operable, I've focused on what goes in the ambulance.

Anyone I've ever sold equipment to, knows that I'm a stickler for historical accuracy and detail. So I don't buy stuff for looks, it either has to work, or I have to be able to make it work. So this new toy was the 39th large Resuscitator that I've purchased. It was a steal in price, b/c I've sold the big trunk style E&J's for as much as $750, in mint and working condition. They don't leave the shop room till you feel perfectly comfortable popping oxygen tanks in and using it to relieve a hangover or something. Is it practical? No, but that's my hobby. So the ambulance board was concerned about me b/c I got burned out after a string of bad calls. Told me to find something to occupy my spare time. I haven't worked on a resuscitator in several years. Picked it up on eBay.

I definitely got what I paid for... The shop that sold it to me seen it as "something to look at". They broke the cardinal rule. They oiled it so the parts would move smoothly. I would disassemble a unit and clean every part, replace the worn or broken parts, so it worked perfectly.
Note: That's not an E&J breather bag, just something I rigged up to catch the oil. I got it at Tractor Supply, in the vet aisle.

I put the air to it when I got it, that's always the first thing I do, hook it up to a device I made with an oxygen tank post valve attached to a propane supply line, hooked to an old SCBA cylinder. Immediately, oil began flowing everywhere. A LOT OF OIL. The hoses were full of oil, maybe household oil? Mineral oil? Don't know. It has no smell. The breather bag shattered like cold plastic. The hoses were shot, the inner diaphragm that is responsible for "mechanical breathing" does not work. But, it has everything else, all the airways, masks, the mask cuffs inflate, the airways are present; and I have spare parts. Came with all the trade fliers, catalogs, parts list, a photograph. It was distributed by L.F. Weckerly, Drexel Hill, PA; and used by a now defunct fire company out of Mechanicsburg, Cumberland Co., Pa.

I painted the black metal on the case last night and I'm going to disassemble the entire unit for technical part restoration and attempted oil removal today; and probably just Shellac the case. Normally I'd repaint it, but the case is in pretty good condition. I just have to build new handles.

Paul Steinberg
12-05-2015, 03:00 PM
Most people don't know that Oxygen and oil don't mix, and that the result of oil mixed with oxygen will cause a very loud noise, and can kill you if you are close to the resulting explosion.