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Doug Kelley
11-05-2015, 07:00 PM
Pulled the 74 out on a beautiful 75 degree day to take a drive only to find I have been invaded by mice. Never have had this problem, any suggestions or solutions ?

Clay Sellick
11-05-2015, 07:46 PM
Mothballs and traps. That's essentially it. My father had the same problem with his 1968 trans am. It's a good thing you had it stored inside though, mice problems get really bad if the car sits outside for the winter. Hope this helps

James Fischer
11-05-2015, 07:55 PM
here is a thread from an earlier discussion...might be of help::)
I ordered some of the "Fresh Cab" that Kurt suggested,however have not used it yet,since its to early to put the ambulances in "hibernation".

Kurt Arends
11-05-2015, 11:15 PM
Don't use moth balls!! The smell is nasty, some claim hazardous to your health. Too many other options. Mouse bait stations, if you have pets. I do not, so I have poison everywhere!

Rich Koski
11-06-2015, 02:10 AM
We pour moth balls under and around our cars and put dryer sheets inside cars. We don't like using poisons that are going to kill the mice. If they die inside the car then you have a whole different issue. Better to deter them. Maybe traps would work but then you have to monitor them.

Paul Steinberg
11-06-2015, 07:50 AM
Mice are a major problem. Last month, the insurance company totaled my car, because the mice got into it, chewed the wiring, and the cost of repair was going to be more than the value of the car. Once mice decide to set up residence in your car, the damage they can do is limitless. Use what Kurt suggests, and make sure to leave the car outside, until you know that the mice are gone. If it is in the garage, then they will escape to the garage, and might die inside, causing you another problem.

John ED Renstrom
11-06-2015, 11:49 AM
having had to face this one a number of times I'm still experimenting. it was suggested that one the nest are built and they have had the run for a time to get rid of the order other then remove the interior completely. try one of the pet urine eliminators at the pet store. or simply white vinegar. I have a car we will try this one and report back.

of course finding the hole they are getting into the car from and patching it is not considered a option in most circles but I would toss it out. bad weather seals on the bottom of the door are a most likely source. missing body plugs are another as are rust holes. I mean they don't just open and door and move in.

once they are in they die, there is nothing to eat in there. going in and out just doesn't usually happen. they tear the stuff up make and nest have babies and die . so no matter what you deal with dead critters. opening the door and asking then to leave doesn't work either. the prefer to die in place.

prevention is the only way to stop having to deal with the mess. either offer them a different choice, bate else were or keep them from entering the car. then clean them out of the under hood insulation. but this time of the year makes me glad I'm no longer living in a mobile home.

Kurt Arends
11-06-2015, 02:21 PM
If you put bait feeding stations outside your building, you will get them before they get into the building. Go to any "fleet & farm" type retailer and they will have the bait feeding stations. I have to use the galvanized steel stations as our black squirrels will chew right through the heavy plastic feeders. Use the bait feeding stations outside the building, bait packets around the outer walls inside the building, and the deterrent packets inside the cars. Doing this, I have never had a rodent problem. I have never used moth balls as I don't want my cars to smell of them.

Kurt Arends
11-10-2015, 08:26 PM
I stopped by a local Bomgaars(fleet & Farm)store today and noticed this endcap display of Fresh Cab rodent repellant. Great stuff and pleasant smelling! The Tomcat rodent poison products work great as well.

Doug Kelley
11-17-2015, 06:57 AM
14 mice so far, by traps !

Dave Ware
11-17-2015, 04:55 PM

Aside from cats i set this up in the shop it works

Kurt Arends
11-17-2015, 07:25 PM
Kill 'em before they get in the building! Exterior bait feeders! They work!

John ED Renstrom
11-17-2015, 10:29 PM
keep up the traps till you don't get any more. then the clean up can start

Channing Spencer
11-18-2015, 01:41 AM
I stopped by a local Bomgaars(fleet & Farm)store today and noticed this endcap display of Fresh Cab rodent repellant. Great stuff and pleasant smelling! The Tomcat rodent poison products work great as well.

I live in a forest...lots of woodland creatures. I am going to the farm supply store tomorrow to buy some of that stuff; THANK YOU for the heads up.