View Full Version : Question on paint touch-up

Mike Boyer
09-10-2015, 10:19 AM
maybe Ed or someone can help me here ?

I touched up a few small paint chips on the hood of the Eureka but I guess I put too much paint on it as now I have little bumps or "blobs' of paint what can I do to smooth it out abit without getting into it too much ?

John ED Renstrom
09-10-2015, 12:20 PM
tough to get the paint to lay down on a vertical surface. the key here is to only work your spot. so use a small thing like the end of a dowel. paper as fine as 600 to work down the high spot you created. as it gets down to the level of the old paint switch to 1500. to work it smooth. then a little hand rub over the whole spot will bring up the shine.

one can fill rock chips up to a level surface but you want to us a number of layers with a fine point artist brush. as you car is a base clear finish a little clear nail polish will hep as the last thing over the chip. you will want to move just out side the chip on to the old finish to seal it in. then rub it.

Joe Rackov
09-12-2015, 03:17 PM
Another suggestion. Take a paper matchstick and cut the tip to a v shape. Use that as a dabber then throw away. That works for me anyway.