View Full Version : 1967 Michigan License Plate

Patrick J. Martin
08-07-2015, 05:12 PM
Does someone have an image of what a 1967 Michigan municipal/government license plate looks like? I know that this kind of plate would have a decorative X on it to indicate its status, but I don't know where the X would have been located in 1967 or if there was any specialized lettering. This information is desired as I'd like to have a pair of replica plates produced to adorn a future project of mine, and for those who know me, yes, the car these plates would be going on would be another oddball. Thanks for your time!

Darren Bedford
08-08-2015, 12:53 AM

ODDBALL is kinda harsh... your and (most of) your cars are...



You can say that again... about 10 times over with your fleet,

Brady D Smith
08-08-2015, 02:43 AM
A fellow in Port Huron named Larry Leslie has thousands of never-issued Michigan Plates which he sells at very reasonable prices. All of my cars have real n o s plates on them obtained from him.