View Full Version : Dietz 211 clear dome

Steve Loftin
07-30-2015, 12:59 PM
I am looking for a very good or better *CLEAR* dome for a Dietz 211 (later called a 711) beacon. Other domes will fit, but I'm only interested in a correct replacement. Here's what they look like:





Per page rules, please respond via private message or e-mail. I'll buy outright or I have limited number of items to trade - what do you need?

Thanks in advance!

Steve Loftin
08-04-2015, 12:13 PM
I would also consider a complete 211 or 711 (not a WW version) with a very good or better clear dome.

Please include photo and price (including shipping to 74851) in first response.


Martin Harvey
08-04-2015, 01:14 PM
Steve did you tried with the elightbars community? I found some real gems with them.

Russell Street
08-07-2015, 09:41 PM
Check your e-mail Steve, I sent you a link.

Steve Loftin
10-01-2015, 10:24 PM
*BUMP* Anyone?