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John ED Renstrom
07-15-2015, 10:23 PM
we have been experiencing some hot start issues with the 53. the starter will not turn over when hot. so it was take it off and redo it. discover that it takes the same rear bushing as the rest of the GM starters. up to 92 that is. I can remember when all the parts stores had a rebuilt kit for them no dice today. so picked up a front bushing and brushes for my friend at cal Pon Parts and jumped to it when they came in. now for the tip. i don't care how ugly the car is when you do brake down and fix something finish the job. clean up and paint what ever your overhauling and the parts you take off doing it. you keep doing things that way and when you do get around to doing the car you have that much done.

it started so good we hoped in and took it down for 5 gl of fresh gas.

John ED Renstrom
07-15-2015, 10:26 PM
don't you just hate it when yu get the pictures rounded up and forget to hit up load? gettign to act like a car now kind of takes the fun out of a trip around the block.

Richard Vyse
07-16-2015, 11:02 AM
Ed, I had a similar situation with the Corvette where when hot the starter acted up. Replaced the starter and fine for a while then began doing it again. Turns out I needed a new battery. I kept the Vette on a battery tickler so naturally it started fine when starting her for the first time.

Now with new battery no issues and no longer on a tickler....:thumbsup:

Philip Scanio
07-16-2015, 06:43 PM
ed, my 1949 chevy ( 6volt) had the same problem. i had heavier cables put on (welding cables).. now starts fine when hot unless the battery is low.

John ED Renstrom
07-16-2015, 09:55 PM
the other trick is to run a ground wire from the back plate to your battery ground. nope got good 00 cables and the battery is only 5 years old and bulging. no problems there. but the brushes being half gone and the bushings worn out enough that it would ground the armature sure did not help. it spins over fine now with a couple 6 new parts in it. but you are correct the good ground, connections and heavy wire are necessary in the 6 volt system.