View Full Version : How to Remove Rust Stains

Keith Knights
02-28-2015, 10:29 AM
I have rust stains in the laminate and am wondering if there's any way to remove the stains?

Paul Steinberg
02-28-2015, 11:26 AM
In the States, we have a product called "Iron Out". It is great for removing rust stains on both solid surfaces, and fabrics. I have a pillow case that came out of a car that was so badly rusted, that there were holes in the roof. I found the pillow case in the linen compartment, and it had lots of rust stains all over it. It was washed a couple of times, and the rust stains remained. Then I thought of adding "Iron Out" to the wash water. It took out all the rust stains in one laundering. I highly recommend it, however, if you are going to be using it with your bare hands, I strongly suggest rubber gloves to protect your skin. It is a mild form of an acid, and it will make your skin very dry and red.

John ED Renstrom
02-28-2015, 11:54 AM
try here for a number of products http://www.rustremoverproducts.com/

Kurt Arends
02-28-2015, 02:02 PM
Do NOT use "Wink" as it will permanently etch your glass. Not sure on some of these other products, but you will want to check them out thoroughly before using them on your coach glass.