View Full Version : oil can ???

John ED Renstrom
12-14-2014, 01:49 PM
they say you get smarter with practice. so as the weather was nice here this last week and you know it's going to change. I have been diligently cleaning of the layers of rust and paint from the remaining panels of this '58 in the great outdoors. this time rather then prime, put away and then paint underneath only to discover the oil can dip after we blocked and had the hood on the car I took them out before hand the easy way. I was hoping to be able to catch the movement of the metal on the hood but we got what we could. the trick is to get the dip to rise with the heat and then a small spot heated cherry red in the high spot you create to shrink the metal. sometimes it even works. :eek:

the the other three are the stamping on the fenders. the fenders on these are welded up from about 6 separate stampings. I found the left ad right markings unique and the left one was the only one marked on the inner brace with caddy. then the last just how many miles of what roads does a car have to go before the stainless steel rocker molding wears through the fender?