View Full Version : question?

John ED Renstrom
12-06-2014, 10:14 PM
does anyone know if the background on the emblem on the 58 was black or just the texture plated.

Tom Hoczyk
12-07-2014, 12:29 PM
I honestly don't know for sure, without more research, but it looks good as photographed.

John ED Renstrom
12-07-2014, 12:54 PM
there wasn't any paint on them when we removed it. but I know a lot of other people did the painted back ground. you can look at a lot of 3/4 and front end shots and still not see this molding.

John ED Renstrom
12-07-2014, 11:36 PM
we did some further searching and came up with a couple shots off the web. man there are not a lot of limousine style 58 eureka's out there. but what cinched it was the flyer off the phantoms web site. seeing that we went with black.

Channing Spencer
12-08-2014, 07:19 PM
'58s are so cool!