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Ron Devies
11-18-2014, 06:16 PM
We still have one cruiser (slated to be replaced next year) that still has a Street Hawk Lightbar. Today one of my people managed to lose the blue side of the lightbar. At this point I will take any color cover I can get. But does anybody have a dome they want to sell?

Paul Steinberg
11-19-2014, 01:12 AM
Google is your friend...

Link... (http://www.ilfireandpoliceequip.com/store/Vehicle-Equipment--Lights--Sirens--amp--Parts/Lightbars/StreetHawk-Lightbar---Parts-Only/StreetHawk-Lightbar-Parts-p586.html)

Doug Benson
11-19-2014, 10:34 AM

Mark Jordan
12-22-2014, 07:59 PM
Ron, I have 2 red domes in my garage you can borrow or buy if you think they are OK. Send a PM or email. Mark:)