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Charles Commerford
11-09-2014, 02:16 PM
Hello fellow members,
i am offering a grouping of 13 items for sale as a "one lot,one price sale"

soft cover books:

1. Carved panel hearses---------mc call / mc pherson
2. American funeral vehicles 1883-2003---------mc call
3. Professional cars,ambulances,hearses and flower cars-merksamer
4.ambulances & funeral vehicles 1900-1980 photo archives---
mc call/mcpherson

club newsletters featuring articles and pictures of pro car information of them:

1. Cad/lasalle club august and november 2001 (2 issues)
2. The professional car 4 issues------ fall 1981-winter 1987-summer 1988-winter 1988
3.the sidemount august 1987
4. The packard cormorant summer 1987

plus 3 misc. Two sided pages from a 1971 superior coach brochure
$65.00 for everything listed. You pay the actual postage to your zip code

Edward Kelly
12-23-2017, 04:53 AM
Charles did you sell this literature, as I'd be interested in purchasing them.