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Kevin Lynch
10-15-2014, 08:10 PM
Today I started the motor on my 75 Lifeliner for the first time since the motor was rebuilt a year or so ago. It's still on a trailer but coming off and moving into a body shop. The car is missing one belt and I can't find it online and NAPA said it doesn't exist in their records. It connects the alternator, water pump, and fan.

Has anyone replaced one of these? I'd appreciate knowing where you got it and what the part number is. Thanks!!!!!

John ED Renstrom
10-16-2014, 01:02 AM
Paul should have those numbers we replaced all of them on his 69. but if you at a loss just run a 1/4 in rope around the pulleys and mark it were it goes back around. measure how long it is and go get a belt that long.

Kevin Lynch
10-16-2014, 10:36 AM
Thanks Ed! I've got the "rope" and on the way to NAPA now.

Paul: any help you could provide would be great!

Cary Livingston
10-16-2014, 01:37 PM
I meant to post yesterday but got sidetracked, I looked on my 75 and the belt for the 80A alternator is a 15515 so I would guess a few sizes larger for the bigger unit.

Paul Steinberg
10-16-2014, 02:34 PM
The original part number is 9433920 in Group 1.066. This is a 1/2 inch belt that is 57 1/2 inches long. The problem that you experience today, is that belts come only in 1 inch increments.

The common part numbers for a 57 inch belt are...

DAYCO Part # AP55 Gold Label Wrapped Industrial V-Belt; Outside Circumference: 57in; Top Width: .500in
Category: 12.7mm (1/2") Belt

DAYCO Part # AP56 Gold Label Wrapped Industrial V-Belt; Outside Circumference: 58in; Top Width: .500in
Category: 12.7mm (1/2") Belt

I would suggest going with the larger belt and seeing if you can get enough movement in the adjustment to make this belt tight. If not, then you are going to need the smaller belt, and it might be necessary to remove a part to get it on. I had this problem with my 1962 Chevrolet with the air conditioning belt. One size larger was too large, and one size smaller was too tight to get over the pulleys. I had to remove the air conditioning compressor, and mount the belt over the pulley, and then remount the air conditioning compressor. Once the belt had some wear on it, I was able to tighten it again, and all is well. You might be able to find another brand of belt that does come in the 1/2 inch increments, however, it might not be a wrapped belt like the one that I have shown above. These belts are available from www.RockAuto.com (http://www.RockAuto.com) at reasonable prices.
I would also suggest your measuring as Ed has suggested to verify that the information in the parts book is correct. Here is the original post that Ed refers to my car... (http://www.professionalcarsociety.org/forums/showpost.php?p=64841&postcount=1)

Mike Boyer
10-17-2014, 06:38 PM
Do what my dad did once when he lost the belt off of the family car......honey pass over your nylons will ya ! LOL