View Full Version : Auction - Horse Drawn Hearses, PA

Steve Lichtman
10-06-2014, 08:18 PM
The semi-annual Martin's Carriage Auction in Lebanon, PA has two horse-drawn hearses listed for their upcoming auction, October 17 & 18.

Here's the auction listing. (http://www.martinauctioneers.com/auctions/views/detail.php?id=86) And the hearses, per their listing (I can't say if they are correct, though they are very knowledgeable about carriages of all types):

Cunningham Hearse (year not specified):


1892 Mertz & Riddle Hearse:


Dad and I went to this auction from time to time, looking for horse-drawn ambulances. We found some but didn't buy. They are very nice and the prices are fair (no bargains, but not through the roof either). If anyone may be interested in a horse-drawn hearse or ambulance, I recommend you get on their mailing list. The auction is just a couple miles off the PA Turnpike I-76, easy access. Good luck!