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John Eder
10-03-2014, 01:33 PM

Odometer shows about 70,000. I've put a TON of money into this beast & have all the receipts for all work done. Engine is a 472, very smooth & always starts right up. I had the carburetor rebuilt, heads redone to get rid of a manifold exhaust leak from when I first bought this over 10 years ago. Transmission was completely rebuilt about a year ago by Aamco & cost about $1,500. The air conditioning control unit was removed & rebuilt, new AC compressor. This is a "combo unit" which means it was a hearse AND ambulance. So it has factory rear AC that works! I ripped out the back, installed black carpet & limo seating. The exhaust is a Flowmaster & sounds great. There is no stereo, never had one. The drivers door has a little bit of a sag. The dash is cracked, but a dash cover will take care of that. The weather stripping around the doors should be replaced. That will cost about $200. Has a Class IV or V trailer hitch. Welded to the frame & can basically haul anything you can hookup to it. Would make the ULTIMATE band vehicle. Great to camp in, you can fit a full size futon mattress in the back with plenty of room. There is a partition divider with sliding glass for limo privacy. Local sales only. I'm not shipping this across the country, sorry.

Cash preferred, but will consider trades of equal value, pair of waverunners with trailers, pair of adult ATVs or even a down payment on your house or property with owner financing. Let's make a deal!

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Steve Loftin
10-03-2014, 05:51 PM
"This is a 'combo unit' which means it was a hearse AND ambulance." - then - "I ripped out the back, installed black carpet & limo seating."

I think this car WAS a "combo unit."

Kurt Arends
10-03-2014, 06:03 PM
was a combo............. and now a POS!