View Full Version : care of crinkle top roof

Kevin Lynch
09-30-2014, 09:53 PM
I washed my MM landau traditional a few days ago for the first time. The roof is now very streaked. It could be soap; I was rushing an oncoming storm (and put the car away wet). What 's the best way to make this 42 year old roof look great? It's going to be in a car show on Sunday (AACA Venice Region) and I'm keeping it out of sight until then!

Joe Rackov
10-01-2014, 06:55 PM
There is a product called Pig Spit. Yeah, really. Well known in the Harley world.
We use it on the black crinkle painted engine cases to brighten them as they dull from the heating and cooling cycle and normal road dirt.

It is a non petroleum based spray.

Previously my 67 Pontiac had the eight lug drums on it. Went to a car show and drove through some rain on the way. The black paint on the drums looked grayish upon arrival. While I had spray detailer with me it didn't work on the black very well. I had the cleanup bucket with me and the Pig Spit was in there.

Sprayed it on semi-clean and it still worked.

John ED Renstrom
10-01-2014, 09:40 PM
I have heard of go-joe and a stiff brush also. but me I guess I would just use a bath brush and water rinse. the paint used fr the Krinkal is very porous.
so it will tend to suck in the soap. one can use Dan's formula to clean it and seal the top. you half to ask Mr Herrick what it is as I don't remember the exact but simple combination of of rustoleum and??

Daniel Scully
10-01-2014, 11:16 PM
I have heard of go-joe and a stiff brush also

This actually works pretty good stays a semi shine for about a month. Seems like the hand cleaners that have lanolin in them works the best. I just use a brush to work it in and then a clean rag .Gives it a nice shine and seems to clean it. It takes about a day to dry .If it gets wet and to some degree even after it dry's it runs a little bit but cleans up easy if it gets on the paint.