View Full Version : Mocom 70 Radio

Nicholas Studer
09-21-2014, 10:02 PM
Research indicates the Mocom 70 is likely the correct radio for my 1970 Cotington 48. A Motran or Motrac would also be OK, but let's be fancy here. A Mitrek is probably a bit too new. There's wires still under the jump seat in back that look right for the Motorola radios of the era.

Anyone know of a good source besides eBay for vintage two-way gear? I'm hoping to find one we can at least plug in and have the control head lights glow on - everything on eBay is sold as dead. A lot of it looks kind of beat up too.

I'm also interested in finding the rotary dialer unit for the patient compartment - but I know those were more rare.

James Fischer
09-21-2014, 10:36 PM
I have Mocom 70's in both of my 70s,as well as my 72 Superior...I was lucky on my 54" and it came with both a Mocom 70 and a GE along with hand set and dialer....(working).....on my 51" I have had good luck going to fire swaps and goverment surplus sales....YES there are still some agencies that were/are using the 70's such as forest service,parks and rec agencies as well as some taxi services or small trucking companies.

If you are patient you can score decent working radios with all wiring on E-Bay just have to check frequently.....a lot of the guys selling are "radio" guys and you can just ask what else they have ,you will be surprised what guys come up with.....period correct antennas,etc.
If you dont want it to really work...you can just wire the lights to come on the radio,I have put a small cd player in the glove box and play vintage radio chatter thru the Motorola speaker when I am at car shows..it adds a bit of authenticity and people really like it.....
And if the condition is not where you want it,most if not all cords,and mic heads can be bought NOS,the radio head and speaker you can just take apart and "restore"yourself on those cold long winter days !!;)