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John ED Renstrom
08-19-2014, 12:28 AM
got home without incident. we left the 72 in Rapid as we needed to get both up thee to run threw the quick lube. I was going to do that later in the week when I have a appointment up there but when I realised we left our wallet laying on the front seat we went today. left the 92 at the vinyl repair place as I promised the new owner I would get that repair made. so got the pictures up loaded tonight . thee here .http://www.dropshots.com/jer57747/date/2014-08-10/19:28:48

no labels yet. then here are a few of my favorite ones. the first is the failure we had in eastern SD. never seen a thermostat do this. then the lights from inside te gold cross building and last my hood ornament for the meet

John ED Renstrom
08-22-2014, 10:10 PM
we got the labels up finally. I'll make that 29 a 17 ;)