View Full Version : jimmy john's anyone???

Rocky Fluegge
08-26-2013, 05:35 PM
well hanging around with Darren this week, you all know that we would need to stop at least on jimmy johns for Darren!!

we stopped at one to eat, It always makes Darren so happy, and as you can guess it there was a few girls working there, and also coming in to order so Darren had to make them all balloon apples, and teach them how to do it. He also had a guy we were calling tiny, learning how to do it. Very fun and very funny!

well after that we told them why we were there and had the girls come out and see our cars, and get some pictures with them. Oh I had to prove to them how big of a fan he is and pull out the jimmy johns delivery sign I got for him. That made them all laugh, and question where I got it.;)

it is always a pleasure seeing Darren perform, and smooze the ladys!!

Darren Bedford
08-29-2013, 12:36 AM
That was a fun stop for sure !

I got to enjoy Jimmy Johns at least 6 times during my travels to and from the PCS meet. Not enough but at least it was almost like every other day.

Gotta love girls, cars and Jimmy Johns !