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Darren Bedford
08-03-2013, 11:22 AM
Very sad news regarding Digger (Jen) Baker... Not Jen, my girlfriend...

Digger's dad, 54 years old, died last night. She is a mess.

He was driving to the cottage with his son David and something happened to him, possibly a massive heart attack or something else, they don't know yet. David jump over to steer and stop the truck. It did hit the pickup in front but David was able to get the truck stopped. Luckily they were in stop and go long week-end type traffic, not full highway speed.

UNREAL her dad is dead. His mother, Digger's grandmother, died 7 weeks ago and his brother died 2 years ago at 51 years old. Too much in two years for this family.

Just wanted to let you all know since she knows and likes so many of you from PCS and Micro-meets.


P.S. Patrick, I do NOT think she will make the meet at this point.
I plan to but will let you know as things get taken care of here.

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