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Terry Broussard
07-11-2013, 09:49 PM
Looking for info about using a vintage plate on my '72 Superior in Louisiana. I see that Louisiana has a system for registering it as an antique, but I don't want an "antique" plate.

Just want to use a nearly new 72-73 Louisiana plate...

I may have to break down and actually go into the local DMV, which is a hassel due to their hours.


Paul Steinberg
07-12-2013, 02:37 AM
What you are referring to is "Year of Manufacture" license plates. This is an old license plate that you are allowed to affix to your vehicle, if the year of the vehicle and the year of the license plate match. Usually, you have to keep the original antique automobile license plates in the vehicle, and have both the current registration for the antique plates, and the form that gives you permission to use the Year of Manufacture plate.
Here is the information that I was able to gather from a website that sells license plates. (http://www.turnerplates.com/YOM%20Index.html)

Missing Information requested 09/07/2006 04:20 pm
VEHICLE QUALIFYING AGE: 25 years or older
VEHICLE TYPES QUALIFYING FOR YOM: Their reply did not state
MUST TYPES MATCH: Their reply did not state
SINGLE/PAIR REQUIRED: Their reply did not state
REPAINTED PLATES ALLOWED: Their reply did not state

Terry Broussard
07-13-2013, 08:13 AM
So I called the Louisiana DMV with the correct terminology (Thanks Paul). Here's the deal in Louisiana.

Send the following to the Baton Rouge Office address:
- copy of current registration
- copy of insurance
- copy of the year of manufacture license plate that you wish to use
- a recent color picture of the car
- a real check for $33.00

And ONE of the following:
- A notarized Form LA DPSMV 1911 Affidavit of Authenticity verifying that the car has been restored to original specs without mods
- a copy of your membership card in an antique car club
(I plan to send a copy of the "About me" page from the PCS website)

They will process and send back a new registration indicating the plate is active and ready for use on the car.

A friend gave me four 72-73 Louisiana plates, so wish me luck!

John ED Renstrom
07-13-2013, 11:54 AM
in SD you send the form with a picture of the plates to the dmv. they will then register the vehicle with that plate number. vehicle has to meet the requirements of HX and can only be used as such

JR Rotramel
07-17-2013, 11:44 PM
In Colorado:
Vehicle must be currently registered and insured prior to authorization of Year of Manufacture license plates.

The original plate shall meet the following criteria in order to qualify for use as a Year of Manufacture license plate:
• Motor vehicle for which the plates are to be displayed on shall be valued principally because of the vehicle’s early date of manufacture, design, historical interest or valued as a collector item.
• The plates were made at least thirty years prior to registration.
• The plates are embossed with the year of original issue.
• The plates are legible.
• The plates were issued contemporaneously with the year of manufacture of the vehicle upon which they are displayed.
• The plates do not exceed seven characters.

The Year of Manufacture license plate shall be used exclusively for:
• Driving the vehicle to and from assemblies, conventions, other meetings, or occasions where such vehicles and their ownership are the primary interest.
• Demonstrations, parades, and when their operation on the street and highway will not constitute a traffic hazard.
• Traveling to and from and while on local, state, or national tours held primarily for exhibition and enjoyment of such vehicles.
• The vehicle for which it was authorized (authorization must be kept in the vehicle at all times).

There is no additional fee involved

Paul Newman
07-18-2013, 02:17 AM
Ma is easy.. The plate is allowed to be one year off from the year of the car. as long as the plate is not to rusty and the number is not currently being used, you just get your insurance and go to the registry and your done.. I collect license plates. Got a decent collection of 400 or so.

Terry Broussard
08-21-2013, 06:55 AM
Three weeks later, I now have the permanent registration for my "Year of Manufacture" plate on my car. The 72-73 plate, with out local State Police Troop middle letter designator really adds a nice touch to the back end of the Pontiac.