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Paul Steinberg
06-30-2013, 11:29 PM
To be able to post a picture directly to a thread, and have the picture hosted on the website, requires that you become either a Site Supporter or Super Site Supporter. There are some additional benefits of becoming a Site Supporter, and they are listed below, as well as the benefits that come with just website membership.

The following is what I am able to determine by using the permissions pages, however, I didn't search all the permissions to see all the differences, because in some instances, registered members don't have them at all, and site / super site supporters are the same. The exception to this is that PCS Members that are not site supporter / super site supporter have some permissions that regular members don't. All this was posted on the website once, but during a recent upgrade, it became scrambled, and was deleted. If you have any questions, please let me know.. Please post your questions in the Help Forum only.
thanks Paul

Registered member = Blue
Site Supporter = Black
Super Site Supporter = Red

Maximum Stored Messages: 25 / 125 / 250

Can Post Polls = No / yes / yes

Avatar allowed for site supporter and super site supporter only

maximum hight and width of avatar = 130 pixels / 180 pixels
minimum avatar file size 51200 (1KB = 1024 bytes) / 65535
Super Site Supporters are larger, but I don't have the size figures right now.

Signature Image Maximum Width (pixels) 500 / 750
Signature Image Maximum Height (pixels) 100 / 125
Signature Image Maximum Filesize (bytes) 10000 / 15000

Maximum Characters in Signature Including BB Code Markup = 1000 / same
Maximum Characters in Signature Excluding BB Code Markup = 500 / same
Maximum Lines in Signature = 3 / unlimited / same
Maximum Value of x for [SIZE=x] BB Code = 3 / 5 / same
Maximum Number of Images in Signature = not allowed / 2 / 4
Profile Picture Maximum Width (pixels) not allowed / 100 / 125

Album allowed yes all
Album Picture Maximum Height (pixels) 800
Album Picture Maximum File Size (bytes) (1KB = 1024 bytes) = 100000
Maximum Number of Album Pictures = 10 / 100 / 200
Maximum Total File Size of Album Pictures 100000 / 150000 (bytes)
1KB = 1024 bytes

Can Comment on Pictures = Yes / same
Can Edit Own Picture Comments = Yes / same
Can Delete Own Picture Comments = Yes / same
Can Manage Comments on Own Pictures = Yes / same