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James Fischer
06-13-2013, 02:22 PM
A couple of questions for the wiring experts:

#1 I am currently trying to install the light bar that goes behind the front sign.
What would be the best route for the wiring to run ??

#2 In the overhead zippered access in front compartment,there are 2 wires together a RED and a Green...what might those have been used for ??
They look to light duty for siren/lights ??
They look like they have never been used....Im wondering if I can tap into those for the sign although they are not Hot.......??

Thank in advance for the schooling.....:)

John ED Renstrom
06-13-2013, 05:15 PM
you don't need that heavy a wire for the light. but it would be on it's own switch. test the wires out and see if they are hot and when. superior would run wires for no apparent reason and just tie them off agents the side wall. some times that would be hooked up on one end sometimes not. if you need to run a wire either the windshield pillar or the B the door latch pillar would give you a rout down to the floor or to under the dash.

Joe Sebbio
06-13-2013, 08:06 PM
James..Without going into a long diatribe remember the first rule of electricity is to use circuit protection. Make sure that you have a fuse somewhere in line to protect the car.
New ambulances (for the past 30 years) are mandated to have GXL or GSL wire. This type will not heat and burn like conventional stranded wire. It snaps off when shorted or overheated like fusible link. Your car will have conventional wire. If you have 3 bulbs behind the sign and are using 1156 lamps you should use a 10 amp fuse...MAXIMUM. With 4 use A 15 AMP MAXIMUM. This is assuming that the bulbs are 30 watts rated.
Simple math for the proper amperage fuse usage. Add up the total amount of watts and divide by 12.5.
4 bulbs at 30 watts = 120 watts divided by 12.5 = 9.6 amps.
I've seen many ambulances burned to the ground because of improper and faulty wiring. Hope this helps.
PS: If you are not using a relay make sure that the switch used is rated for the total amount of amps you expect to draw....and don't use any wire smaller then 14 gauge. Sorry....I did get long-winded.