View Full Version : Mild custom???

Rich Koski
02-10-2013, 08:26 AM

Paul Steinberg
02-10-2013, 09:05 AM
It is obvious that he knows nothing about the esthetic's of what a good custom should look like....

Wayne Krakowski
02-10-2013, 09:48 AM
"too much time on my hands",pick up some literature and read up on a subject prior to doing it,

Rocky Fluegge
02-10-2013, 10:53 AM
some people are dangerous with guns ----- some are dangerous with tools!!!!!

Fred Goerlitz
02-10-2013, 12:16 PM
Wonder what he considers a radical custom? :confused2:

John ED Renstrom
02-10-2013, 01:10 PM
once again the just because you can doesn't mean you should pops up. chopped off is not normal finished off. this proves it. a little more on the back sides of the roof would have help and tin roofing is just that no matter what the color of it is.

Pat Post
02-10-2013, 02:32 PM
I want to punch him in the throat. With my car.:mad: These would make good candidates for flower car conversions now I guess.

Rick Franklin
02-10-2013, 03:34 PM
Its bad enough that he ruined ONE perfectly good car but then he jus had to do it to a second. If I wanted a hearse converted, I'd hire Rocky to do it; at least I would know it was a quality job. That being said, Rocky probably wouldnt molest a perfectly good car!

Matthew Coon
02-11-2013, 11:23 AM
Tim Fantin first gave PCSers an opportunity to purchase both cars but there were no takers.

Richard Vyse
02-11-2013, 11:33 AM
SawSaw, Bud, and roofing panels. Let the good times begin.

John ED Renstrom
02-11-2013, 12:25 PM
Tim Fantin first gave PCSers an opportunity to purchase both cars but there were no takers.

so now we know what makes them hard to get 20 years from not. many a car to suffer this fate. there cheap still run good and easy candidates for this kind of folly. but says a man with 5 sitting around the house cobbling up money, you can't keep them all.

Herb John
02-25-2013, 03:37 AM
at least you can haul a full 4 X 8 sheet of plywood in the back, and not worry about it flying out the back:D