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Martin Harvey
09-16-2012, 08:43 AM
While surfing I came on this website based on CitroŽn vehicles.


As some of you knows, the french CitroŽn DS was a surprising car back in the 50's with a lot of options that we have on modern cars. I knew they used the station wagon version of this DS car to build ambulances back then but never found a restored or a survivor until today on this website.

I was amazed, this survivor car is still in its original condition and every pictures have a description (in french but interesting) of the options available by the builder. Im a "detail" guy and always loved the accuracy to use period correct equipment, I think I never saw a website complete like this one on our north american car based ambulances...

I laughted a lot with the videos on page 2, instead of a common north american siren the CitroŽn DS have the perticular french siren that we all know and ... a small bell !

Any links to suggest with that much information on american cars? pictured, described..?